Making A Braided Rug

making a braided rug

    braided rug
  • The braided rug was a staple in early, Colonial American culture. Settlers used scraps of clothing and other excess materials to make a floor covering that would provide warmth and protection for a particular home's inhabitants and guests.

  • (Braided rugs) Braided rugs are made in several ways: tape, tubular, yarn and flat. Braided rugs are also called rag rugs because they could be made with many different materials, including whichever rags are lying around.

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braided rug

braided rug

The roving in the photo "primary colors" yielded this yarn. My husband said the skeins reminded him of a braided rug.

I love every step of the process in making this yarn and it's satisfying to see what people do with it.

Miniature Hand Braided Rug

Miniature Hand Braided Rug

This is a Hand Braided Rug fused onto a fabric base to make it lay completely flat.
The colors are Country blues, dark taupe, country red, cream, and brown.
Measures 3 5/8 x 2 inches.

making a braided rug

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