Interface Carpet Tiles Usa

interface carpet tiles usa

    carpet tiles
  • (Carpet Tile) A flooring tile made from a stiff-backed carpet material. Replacing worn, stained, or damaged carpet tiles is much easier than replacing an entire carpet, making them ideal for use in extremely high trafffic areas such as building lobbies and airport concourses.

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  • United States of America

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Interface — Seoul Poster

Interface — Seoul Poster

Poster for Interface
Custom Korean (Hangul) Typography

It's been a pretty busy week, with final projects and working hard to code my site in AS3 so as to release it before the year ends... still pretty buggy atm :-(

For the poster... well, it's been a while since I have constructed a korean typeface... korean typography was somewhat hard to get a grasp on... mainly because im used to the latin alphabet's typographic rules... also, the letterforms stick to a certain typographic grid regardless of the shape of the characters... hence, shapes such as the circle in ? and ? differ to some degree, as the top part of the letterforms usually conform to a slightly bigger vertical margin. I'm not sure if i have violated any typographic rule within hangul (i just know how to read it and speak it.... to some extent haha :-P), so if i did, please let me know as i'm always willing to learn some more :-)

Interface dans GEM

Interface dans GEM

Interface migree dans GEM pour avoir un plan de travail plus grand et se deplacer dedans a la demande. C'est plus gourmand en ressources en general sauf quand en dynamique on modifie le calage d'une fenetre GOP dans le patch. La l'interface dans GEM ne souffre pas trop.

Reste a voir le comportement general de tout ceci une fois integre au patch effectif...

interface carpet tiles usa

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